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-Noha Sarageldin

"You have every right to want to birth a certain way, to be properly informed on your options, & to have adequate & genuine support to achieve as much of that as possible."

I'm here to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey. I'm passionate about women's health, birth, breastfeeding & squishy newborn babies! 

My ultimate goal is to help make your labour & birth experience one that you walk away from feeling good about - one where you felt safe, respected, heard & empowered. This starts with education, knowledge & preparation. 

I believe that the narrative of birth needs to change: 

You are capable & birth doesn't need to be something you fear.

about me

I'm tara, toronto-based doula and birth enthusiast.


why hire a doula?

the evidence is clear

Those with a doula present at their birth have, on average: 

a 25% faster labour
a 50% decrease in caesarian section

a 10% decrease in the need for pain medications

a decrease in the need of synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) 

a faster transition of colostrum to milk

a decrease in postpartum mood disorders

- Charan S.

"Tara is compassionate, diligent and professional with her work. Her methods are informative and scientific. We had a great experience with Tara and highly recommend going with her if you're looking for peace of mind."

- Brittany J.

"Tara is kind, incredibly knowledgeable and was a lovely and welcome addition to our birthing journey. We are grateful for all her wonderful guidance and support before, during and after our first daughters birth."

Lisa B.

"Tara supported my husband and I throughout my pregnancy, labour, delivery & postpartum period and we don’t know how we would’ve managed without her. She is so kind, a wonderful listener and a compassionate human being who truly loves what she does which comes through in her support."

i would be honoured to be a part of your journey. 

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