Let me be your constant source of reassurance, education & guidance.

your birth experience matters

-Noha Sarageldin

"You have every right to want to birth a certain way, to be properly informed on your options, & to have adequate & genuine support to achieve as much of that as possible."

My ultimate goal is to help make your labour & birth experience one that you walk away from feeling good about - one where you felt safe, respected, informed & empowered.   

What makes modern birth co different?

For me, it's not simply about being your doula on the day of your birth. It's also about fostering a deep & personal bond with you throughout pregnancy. I take great pride in nurturing strong connections with my clients, as building meaningful relationships is at the core of my doula practice.

about me

I'm tara, toronto-based doula and birth enthusiast.


birth is better with a doula

the evidence is clear

Those with a doula present at their birth have, on average: 

a 25% faster labour
a 50% decrease in caesarian section

a 10% decrease in the need for pain medications

a decrease in the need of synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) 

a faster transition of colostrum to milk

a decrease in postpartum mood disorders

- Emma H.

"There are absolutely no words to express the gratitude & appreciation we have for Tara. Hands down the best decision we made for my birth experience. Tara was & is exceptional. I could NOT have done it without her."

- Rose D.

"She has the empathetic, calming energy you need during labour. When I was in the thick of it all (natural at home birth) I would just look at Tara and she would make me feel more confident that I could power through the pain."

Lisa B.

"Tara supported my husband and I throughout my pregnancy, labour, delivery & postpartum period and we don’t know how we would’ve managed without her. She is so kind, a wonderful listener and a compassionate human being who truly loves what she does which comes through in her support."


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